My Book Fair Shopping List

January in my country is special for book lovers because of the book fair. This is the event we wait for all year; this is when I stock up on books for the entire year. When I posted a hazy picture of my shopping list, some people requested to see them up close. I realised that it might be helpful, jog people’s memory and so on, and I’d made up my mind to post today, so…

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February TBR (Cosmopolitan Month)

Someone had told me that this year’s gonna be a leap year, but I just did the math and was disappointed to realise that it won’t. I don’t know how that is relevant, but yeah… I have surprisingly adhered to my January reading plan which makes me very happy and eager to  plan February. For this month, I have chosen six books and each of them occurs in a different place. February will, from now on, be my cosmopolitan month.

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Reading Challenge: The Eclectic Reader Challenge + January TBR


Another challenge I’m joining this year in order to expose myself to as many genres and as many books as possible is the Eclectic Reader Challenge which is hosted by bookdout! Check it out through the link!

Now, the list! I know what I want to read for a couple of the categories, but I’d like to leave everything open for now.

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