2015 Reading Goals and Challenges


Hello lovely people! I hope your year has been going great so far; mine has been busy the way it has been for months. I do finish exams in a couple of weeks though, and I’m hoping I can manage being more active on the blog. I was quite disappointed by the end of the year stats; apprently, I’ve only made 24 posts throughout the whole year, and that’s a shame. I’ve read great books (coincidently, 24 as well) and didn’t get the chance to tell you all about them or have anything concrete to remember them by or reference later on. I hope this remorse will fuel my dedication to reviewing throughout the next year, even if I’m busy.

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Manno Writes (#1): In the Hope of a Better Year


I walk down the street and there are strings of light hanging on the sides of buildings, stretching across from the roof of one buildings to the next; if I squint they almost look like little stars. The Christmas trees still stand, sparkling in the corner of every store. And social media is embedded with new year’s resolutions and congratulations, like there’s nothing else to talk about, to anticipate, like time crossing some imaginary finish line and arriving at a supposedly brighter, happier place where people can enjoy relatively better 12 months.

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