Read-a-Thons: Bout of Books 10


Bout of Books

WOOOOOHOOOO! Hello, everyone and welcome to the first update for Bout of Books. The massive CAPS greeting is slightly related to the fact that I’m doing okay, considering the exams I’ve had in the past couple of days and the headache I’ve been sporting for 36 hours. It kind of isn’t bothering me anymore…

Mind you, let’s go ahead and talk about the numbers.

Number of pages today: 100 pages
Books I read: 
What I Was by Meg Rosoff (75 pages)
A Night on the Orient Express (25 pages)
Total pages: 100 pages

Number of pages today: 80 pages
Books I read:
Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher (60 pages)
Night on the Orient Express (20 pages)
Total pages: 180

 This actually is more than what I read in a week as I don’t have much time nowadays, so I’m rather glad. I don’t have a lot going on the next few days so hopefully, I’ll be reading a bit more and participating in challenges and visiting people’s blogs for some cheering!

If you’re participating, let me know how you’re doing! I’d love to drop by and see how awesome you’re being throughout the week!


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Manno, you have finals! You have a mount of textbooks to get through! Are you committing academic suicide?! Well, maybe; but not on purpose… I just want to squeeze in 2 hours of reading into my schedule. And I need to bring my book-devouring powers back so I’m all ready for the summer! And Bout of Books is just awesome and I’m an addict and I can’t resist joining events, okay? Okay. Now that we’re got that sorted out, let’s go ahead to the list of books, the goals, and all that jazz.

 The Books


Which I got in a blind book exchange with my friends and I’m almost done with.

It might be off my list by the time the read-a-thon starts, but we’ll see.



This is the 2nd book I got out of the book exchange. Classified as chicklit

about a flamboyant family. Let’s see how that goes because it definitely isn’t

what I normally go for. But that’s what blind exchanges are for, no?



I still haven’t finished this since Dewey’s, but I have 50 more pages to go

and I’ll hopefully finish them during this readathon.



 I bought a little square used copy of this book, which I’ve wanted to read for

a long while, at a book sale back in February. I think it’s about the time I read it.



This is gonna be my first Arabic novel probably ever. This is called

Sunset Oasis, there are several English translations of it,

if you’re interested.


Aha. I’m not trying to push my luck or anything. I know I probably won’t get through all of those, but I like to have several plan B’s.

As for the goals:

~ Finish my 2 unfinished books

~Read at least one whole book

~Participate in at least 2 challenges

~Visit at least 2 participating blogs per day

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