Book Review (#6): Signed, Sealed, and Delivered by Nina Sankovitch



Hello! You might be wondering why I’m hear even though I keep rambling about how I have exams and how I have no time to breathe. That’s partly true; but only because I waste my breaks on being absolutely idle –either watching TV series or even Twitter. But this is me using my study breaks to get things done. So do wish me luck; I’d like to keep this up if it does minimise the amount of time I waste every day.

I’m here to review a book that I started so many months ago, I hardly remember when that was. Mind you, I don’t know how it’s already May and how this academic year is 2 months away from being over, but that’s beside the point.

Why did it take me so long, you ask? Well, it’s a book that features different collections of letters from all over the world. We have some popular names of authors and athletes and religious figures, and other people whose names are mentioned but we don’t really know. Between this and that, the author tries to add her own personal input about the significance of letters and why they’re a thing we should keep on exchanging.

I don’t think it’s meant to be read the way I did it. It’s the perfect coffee-table book! But did I want to be reading through it all day long and then sit down and review it? No. And this another problem I faced. I got it off NetGalley, so it’s a digital edition. So whenever I was actually in the mood to read it, I’d have to get on my computer, and when I get on my computer, I hardly ever do what I intend to do.

Why did I give it 3 stars then when what ruined the experience was my fault? Well, it actually wasn’t. For a book about letters, we don’t really get to see much of the letters. The author would start narrating a story, inserting quotations out of the letters here and there, and then elaborates on it. I guess she was trying to cut out the mundane content, but honestly! These are the things you go into a book like this one expecting to get. The author was present every step of the way, we hardly got to connect to the souls of the people mentioned which is exactly what’s supposed to happen when you’re reading someone’s letter.

Why did I give it 3 stars when I seem to dislike it so much? Well, I don’t. It’s not exactly what I thought it would be, but it was still fun. I have snippets of stories in my heads, some of them are really, really special. There are also beautiful quotations out of the letters throughout the book, many of which I highlighted and would want to save and look at every once in a while. I liked the diversity of the letters the author included –even though some were a bit weird.

So yeah… I guess that’s all I have to say about this book –also, I just finished my dinner, which means break is over and I have to go study. Anyway, if any of you have read the book, let me know what you think of it. Am I being too harsh? Is it completely my fault? Let. Me. Know.

I love y’all and I’m so glad I’ve been around for the past few days.

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