Manno Writes (#1): In the Hope of a Better Year


I walk down the street and there are strings of light hanging on the sides of buildings, stretching across from the roof of one buildings to the next; if I squint they almost look like little stars. The Christmas trees still stand, sparkling in the corner of every store. And social media is embedded with new year’s resolutions and congratulations, like there’s nothing else to talk about, to anticipate, like time crossing some imaginary finish line and arriving at a supposedly brighter, happier place where people can enjoy relatively better 12 months.

 Don’t get me wrong. I love the arrival of a new year as much as anyone else. We are all accustomed to feel the thrill of a new year approaching. The fresh feeling of clean slate, the blooming sprouts of endless possibilities… But what’s got me all flabbergasted today is how this repeats on a daily basis. Isn’t every morning a new field of play? Isn’t every new day full of minutes during any of which our lives can change? Or would starting a project, say, mid-May, would be less likely to succeed, as opposed to a project that is started on the first day of the new year?  Wouldn’t we rather do things right here, right now? Why do we wait for a new year and hang up all our hopes and dreams onto it as though it’s some wishing tree?

Today, I find it hard to understand how easily we give up hope on things yet every single year, despite the annual disappointment, we continue to hope that the following year would be better. If only we could channel in this hope every single morning, wouldn’t everything change? Or is the promise of new, fresh 24 hours somehow just isn’t alluring enough? I understand that days usually follow a routine, but is the new year going to break that? You go to school every day until you graduate. You go to university every day until you graduate, again. Then you work every day until you can’t anymore. And so it goes.

Every single day holds as much potential to make you a better person, to make your existence of more meaning as does a new year. In fact, it’s easier to visualise things that you can do over a day or several days than over a year.

And when you really come down to it, time — minutes, days, weeks, hours, even minutes– is imaginary. Our lives are stacks of events, of people, of achievements… These are the things that amount up to a result –to happiness. But a day passes as does a year, and if we aren’t making something out of every minute, a year passes by like a ghost of a breeze.

I say all this and I still think, “Oh my God, how has a year gone by?” But I want this to change. I want to wake up every morning full of hope, full of expectations, sure that a change can come if I try to make it happen. Every dawn is a start of a new time frame, a new page of a calender, and new list of resolutions and goals. Maybe this is what I’ll do this year: set a goal for every day.

You should too. Don’t wait for a new year to turn your life around. The person you bring to every sunrise is the same person you bring past that last December midnight hour.


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