Book Review (#24): Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life



The Monster Review-a-Thon is coming to an end and I haven’t achieved much, but certainly more than I would have without it. So I’ll call it a success. Today, I’m going to review what probably is the only comic book I’ve ever read.

scott pilgrim

As I have mentioned multiple times, I didn’t read as a child. Therefore, I was lured in by the concept of comic books when I first heard of them on Youtube; like, a novel but with more pictures than text. Even though the idea seemed intriguing, the experience itself was mediocre at best. For me, the best part of a book is the writing –the crafting of sentences, the description of characters, the expression of thoughts and sentiments, the usage of language and varying techniques, and the intelligent maneuvers that may confuse some readers but others may catch onto. Simply put, I appreciate a challenge… Most of the time anyway.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the story, but it certainly was bereft of all the elements that help me get attached to a book. Even though the characters were brilliant and the art was neat and quirky and interesting, I just felt as though I was skimming over the story due to the little effort needed to get done with a page.

There also is the fact that I’m not a very artistic person. I’m not any good with drawing and, sure, I do admire drawings and so on. But my problem here was I wasn’t able to give equal attention to both the writing and the pictures.

My technical difficulties aside though, I found the story really light-hearted and inventive, mixing reality with gaming, and being about all a couple getting together but, at the same time, discussing other things as well. As for something that I admired through the drawings was the portrayal of Canada.

So over all, it sure was a different experience, but I am not sure I’ll be going for it again. There are several other comic books that I have on my wishlist, but I’m not entirely sure when I’ll get to them.

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