30 Day Book Challenge: DAY #9 — Most overrated book.

Click on the picture for a full list and to know what all the jazz is about!

Click on the picture for a full list and to know what all the jazz is about!

DAY 9. – Most overrated book

Alright, so I haven’t kept up with this due to a) technical problems and b) Bout of Books, which I was too invested in to feel guilty about this. But now we’re back, and surely, I’ll try as hard as I can to keep it going strong.


I’ve dreaded this topic ever since I’ve seen it, because once my eyes landed on it, I knew what I’ll want to write about. But when I sat down a bit ago to consider what I’ll write about it, another book came to my mind. I’ve chosen Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad book, but the way people talked about it made it out to be the most kick arse thing YA has produced in these past couple of years. But I  as I’ve mentioned in my review of it, I was bored. I could see things before they happened and realise things before they were stated. I wasn’t intrigued by a single character, not even the Prince. And I literally skimmed over the book.

Does that sound cruel? I don’t know. This is why I feared approaching this topic, but let me make one thing clear. I happen to actually foresee things sometimes. Like, in criminal series and stuff, I can tell who the killer is midway through the episode, and if not, I can narrow it down to at least two people. So maybe I’m the problem, but honestly, I just didn’t like it that much. Sure, it’s a lovely idea, and I could tell that the author did a good amount of research for the story. I do intend to read Scarlet because I do want to know how she’ll tie up the two stories together.


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