30 Day Book Challenge: Day #7

Click on the picture for a full list and to know what all the jazz is about!

Click on the picture for a full list and to know what all the jazz is about!

DAY 7. – A guilty pleasure book.

It’s past midnight as write this. 00:00, to be precise. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Actually, don’t tell anyone about this post!

Ahem. Give me a second to gather my courage.


Ooookay. So when I first discovered the Booktubing community, these books were “the big bomb”. And honestly, back in September, even though people considered me bookish, I considered myself quite clueless about books and I never knew what I wanted to read next. Therefore, even though it didn’t look like the kind of book I would go for (aside from the disastrous covers), I went for it. Everyone said it started out like every other romance but in the end it turns out to be about more. I went through these books fairly quickly! Anna took me three days, and so did its sister novel. And yes, for me, that’s fast. But in Anna’s case, I just kept on reading ahead because I wanted to see what’s this thing that makes the book so special, and I think I mentioned that in my review… In case you were wondering, I never found out what that thing is. I mean, I finished the book, but nothing felt “special” to me.

I also hate both Anna and Lola. And St. Claire, I liked him, sure, but partly because he reminded me of a character I used to write back in 9th grade. Cricket was nice; he’s my kinda guy, but still, something was missing. The other side characters of Anna were great though, and so was the way Perkins works with the setting (Paris, oh mon dieu!)

Despite that, I did enjoy those books. Yes, they weren’t exactly significant, and I can’t remember much about them, to be completely honest. For me, they were just cushions between my more serious reads. They have lovely characters, and fun teenage-spirit fueled events, but that’s not my kind of thing. And yet, I did enjoy it on some level.

Isn’t that what a guilty pleasure is?

Again, I would like to reinforce that they aren’t bad books! They’re just not what I typically go for, and they usually don’t suit me. So the fact that I actually got through them and liked them makes them better than others like them which I’ve picked up before and couldn’t get through.

That’s all for tonight, mates! See y’all tomorrow!

PS. There’s a new Bloglovin’ button on your left! YAY. Exciting stuff!


One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day #7

  1. Red says:

    I don’t like Lola that much. Anna is fine. I enjoyed both the books. I liked Anna and the French Kiss better than Lola and the Boy Next Door, though. But I still love both these books. Like they were among my favorite books for last year. T_T

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