Bout of Books 8.0: Goals, Challenges, and Daily Updates

The goals that shall remain here till the end of the challenge, and end up being crossed out as we go ahead.

Time Devoted to Reading

I will be trying to read all week, but if needed, I’ll take a break day mid week so that things don’t get too serious.

My Goals

Can I finish Gone with the Wind this week? Just kidding! 😛

  1. Finish the Hitchhiker’s Guider to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  2. Read at least 50 pages of Gone with the Wind everyday
  3. Finish the Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth
  4. Squeeze in another book (about 200 pages), chosen upon the accomplishing the previous goals
  5. Keep up with the 30 Day Challenge
  6. Review 2 of the books I’ve read but haven’t reviewed yet.


Click on the picture to find the blog hosting the challenge!

I tried, my loves, I tried. But most of my books start with the word ‘the’, it’s almost ridiculous. But I made do, I guess.

photo (13)

photo (14)



1.  Which 5 books are at the top of your TBR pile at this moment?

Hmm… that’s difficult, but let’s try! 




2.  If I gave you a wad of cash and sent you into a bookshop right now, which 5 books would you buy to add to the stack?

YAY! Bookshopping money!






Books Completed: 1
Total Books Completed: 1
Pages Read: 126
Total Pages Read: 256
What I Read:
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (100)
The Etymologicon (16)
Gone with the Wind (10)

Bout of Books 8.0: Re-title It Challenge

As I’m currently reading books with very creative titles, this challenge is rather, erm, challenging. But I shall attempt to follow through anyway.

I have chosen the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I shall title it:


This is also the advice I would give to all the book’s characters!


 day 1

Books Completed: 0
Total Books Completed: 0
Pages Read: 130
Total Pages Read: 130
What I Read:
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (110)
and the Etymologicon (20)

Bout of Books 8.0 #Pairathon Challenge!

What’s it about?

The premise is simple. I want to see what you’re out there reading and drinking or eating during Bout of Books.

I’m nosy. But I also think that books and wine/food/beer are better when enjoyed together. So let’s share?

photo (11)

Meet bread ringlets, which are going to give my belly a double-chin and morning coffee!

And the Etymologicon is in the background!

Have a good day!


20 thoughts on “Bout of Books 8.0: Goals, Challenges, and Daily Updates

    • I am liking it so far, and hopefully, by the end, I’ll like it enough to go ahead with the rest of the series.

      Thanks for coming by and good luck with your reading for the read-a-thon! 😀

  1. Thanks for coming by Bemused Bookworm and commenting. 😀 Your blog is beautiful btw, love it! I see you are reading Gone with the Wind.. I’ve actually never read it…not even sure if i really know what it is about…haha. Good luck with your goals. 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you, too, for coming by as well. As for Gone with the Wind, I don’t know much about it either, but I do know it’s a classic and involves the Civil War. Lots of bloggers say it’s amazing despite its length, so fingers crossed for that.

      Hope you’re doing well with the read-a-thon.

  2. Great goals! I loved The Etymologicon and The Hitchhiker’s Guide (I must be up for a re-read of this soon…) I look forward to your updates, have a brilliant week.

    • Thank you! I’m enjoying Gone with the Wind so far, every time someone tells me they like it, I’m encouraged to go on with it despite its length.

      Thanks for coming by and good luck with the read-a-thon!

  3. I have watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie but haven’t read the book. Do you like it so far? I didn’t like the movie at all 😀 Also I hope you like Gone with the Wind. I know it can feel so damn long but in the end it’s totally worth it! It’s one of my favourites 🙂

    I’d love to follow your blog since you seem like an very interesting person ^^ Have you considered adding Bloglovin’ to one of your follow options? Since you don’t have that (yet :D) I’m following you on GoodReads ^^

    And thank you for visiting my blog earlier!

    • Hello! I actually just finished reading the book a bit ago, and I think it’s quite lovely! If you’re into comedy, you’re in for a laugh. It’s a nice, easy read.

      And yay for people encouraging me to stick to Gone with the Wind! I’m taking it slow, but I really am liking it so far. Something about the writing style is just captivating!

      And thank you! Your interest in my blog means a lot to me, really, because you’ve got an amazing blog! ❤ I'll see about Bloglovin' and let you know! I'll probably end up using it! 😀

      Thank you so much for the great comment! It made my day!

  4. Ooooh, that coffee ‘n’ bread rings combo looks yummy! I’m a big fan of eating ALL THE THINGS and drinking ALL THE COFFEE while I’m reading. Keeps me focussed. That’s my excuse anyway!

    Happy reading for another day, hooray!

    P.S. I should reread The Hitchhiker’s Guide, shouldn’t I? YES I SHOULD. Glad we’ve got that cleared up. 🙂

  5. Thanks for entering the TBR Pile Challenge! I LOVE finding more eclectic readers to stalk, so your lists made me very happy. 😀

    I’ve had The Night Circus and The Casual Vacancy stuck on my shelves, two pretty hardcovers, ever since they were released. WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?! And Shades of Grey and Gulp are both on my wishlist. Great minds and all that… 😉

    Happy reading for the rest of this week! I’m a new subscriber too!

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