30 Day Book Challenge: Day #5


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DAY 5. – Your “comfort” book.

Hello, everyone. I didn’t see today going the way it turned out to be.  I was in a car at 9 in the morning because we were going to pick up my college papers from a place near a bookstore I like but is a bit far from where I live. So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to tag along –even if I had to wake up at 8 for it. But we didn’t have time to go to the bookstore, so I was a little sad. I got over it though because I already have loads of unread books. But I thought that I’ll go home and take a shower; I’ll clean up my room and organise my bookshelf (ahem, it’s a drawer, but let’s not talk about that). And then, I would write this post to you from my newly cleaned room. But no. Here I am, writing from the same balcony as yesterday, and my family is still talking about politics, and most importantly hypocrisy. 

Meet my pretty copy which I LOVE.

But anyway. Let’s talk about my “comfort book”. In conditions like this, one certainly needs a comfort book. It’s quite bad my copy of it is in another country.


Pride and Prejudice. Something about this book just makes my heart leap even at its mere mention. Pride and Prejudice was the start of my “proper” reading journey. I set out at the beginning last summer with one, single goal: finish reading Pride and Prejudice by the end of the vacation. It was my first attempt at finishing a classic, and instead of making it happen in 3 months, I did it in a little less than one. And therefore, I was the happiest girl in the world, bragging about my recent accomplishment. I read a classic; I read the most popular classic out there!

Why does it comfort me? -shrugs in reaction- Can my reason be that I really like Lizzie Bennet? I do realise that Lizzie has lots of faults and she spends more than half of the story being led by her stubborn view of the world and only that. But that’s sort of what I do. I identify with Lizzie Bennet the way I don’t with any other literary character. We’re so alike that we even have the same sort of best friends. My bestie is a full on Jane Bennet; a woman who believes in people’s good intentions and is never forward enough to cast out her opinion, even if that opinion is that she’s hurting. I love you, bestie! ❤

For me, Pride and Prejudice isn’t about the love story or Mr. Darcy or Mr. Bingley or anything. It’s a reminder for me that even though I go around pointing out other people’s faults, I’m pretty messed up myself. Pride and Prejudice is my first grand literary achievement, my first reading hangover. I love many of its phrases and how even though its a classic, I can just read on in it without having to exert too much effort. And I enjoy it. And that comforts me. 😀

I didn’t even have to think about this too hard actually. That, too, makes me happy.

PS. Pride and Prejudice isn’t even my favourite Jane Austen book.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow on the Bout of Books post. -screeches in joy-


2 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day #5

    • I seriously need to get to reading Sherlock Holmes. I only read the Redheaded League, and I loved it! I just need to get on to the adventures and the return and stuff.

      As always, thanks for commenting! 😀

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