30 Day Book Challenge: Day #3


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DAY 3. – The longest book you’ve read.

Okay, starting today, we’re going to follow this new decision (yay for spelling my often mispelled word on first try!) I made! We’re going to keep Harry Potter out of the race because if I do otherwise, it’ll probably end up being my answer to every question out there. Not necessarily because it’s the best thing I’ve read but rather because I can recall most of its details and therefore link it to many things. But let’s make it clear, the fact that several of the Harry Potter books are so massive is one of the reasons I believe that one day I can tackle less accessible chunksters. I mean, really! I’m currently attempting to take on Gone with the Wind which is 1448 pages, so….

 Getting that out of the way, I think this makes my largest read the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It’s a little bit over 500 pages (512, to be precise). The fascinating thing about this book is that even though it’s bigger than what I usually read (for me, anyway), it only took me a few days to finish! I think I went at a rate of 120 pages per day, and that too is quite an impressive feat for me, considering how easily I get distracted. Even though I think this book could’ve been shorter and that some details could’ve been eliminated, I still enjoyed them. They definitely added to the book’s general classic feel.

 SO. I guess that is all I have to have for today’s question. I hope y’all are having a great day. Do include Egypt and its people in your prayers!

 Let’s be bookish buddies!

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