30 Day Book Challenge: Day #2


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DAY 2. – Favorite side character.

YAY! Day 2! I know yesterday’s answer wasn’t that interesting, but today’s question discusses my favourite thing in the world: side characters. The truth is, I mostly either dislike or don’t really care about main characters. No matter what their personality is like, the way things are always so focused on them makes me feel as though they’re attention seekers, or that the world revolves around them. But side characters are the love of my life; they’re the thing I look out for when starting a book and keep a close eye on as it progresses. Therefore, this makes today’s choice rather difficult. After a thorough investigation of my Goodreads library, I have narrowed it down to two character.


The first side character I have chosen to talk about is Isaac from the Fault in Our Stars by John Green. TFiOS is the last book I read before obtaining a blog and that saddens me deeply because it’s one of my favourite books. Now, everyone is smitten by Augustus Waters; and let’s face it, he deserves the adoration. I, too, admire him a lot. It may have taken me a while to realise this but I admire Isaac, Gus’s best friend. There’s just something about him… If my memory doesn’t fail me, he was a bit bitter most of the time. I mean, he was more concerned about the fact that his ex-girlfriend couldn’t handle his going blind than he was about the fact that he actually was going blind. That’s a seriously troubled person for y’all. Then there’s his speech at the funeral. That! That’s the part that made me cry, like full on ugly sobbing crying. I may have teared up a little bit after that, but nothing made an impact on me as did Isaac’s word.


Now, let’s move on to talk about another brilliant side character. Fermin from the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. He may be a little bit of a pervert. And he’s also probably slightly mad, but what brilliant person isn’t? But what I loved about him is how knowledgeable and intellectual he is. He’s dependable and loyal, and most importantly, he spoke about the woman he loves in way that made me want to melt into a puddle. He just added so much life to the story and in some twisted way, despite all the misery in his past, he becomes every situation’s comic relief. So I love him.


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