Bookish Rants (#2): Help Me Pick a Classic Because I’ve Gone Mad

Just so we’re all on the same page, I didn’t die. I just read a book that butchered my desire to do anything and sent me spiraling down to a constant ‘meh’ mood. And if you don’t know what being in that mood is like… You know how every time you decide to do something and you’re already up on your feet, your fingers inching towards your goal and then you just sigh to yourself and be like, “Meh, no. I’ll just go have a pizza instead.”

Although pizza is good, it certainly isn’t an alternative for productivity. It doesn’t read books for me and it doesn’t write reviews instead of me. It just adds to my already fat-rimmed hips and prom is just 2 weeks away. And you know that when you’re in a ‘meh’ mood, exercise isn’t even an option. But yeah… Besides prom, I do have my final SATs on the 4th of May and I just need to start studying. I also need to keep up my habit of reading classics before the exam so I can include interesting examples in my essay and sound smart. Jane Austen’s Persuasion earned me an extra mark in January and that was exciting.

But that isn’t the point. Well, it sort of is, but I wanna talk about something else first.

I’ve read two books after I finished Narnia. There was ‘The Lover’s Dictionary’ by David Levithan which was lovely and ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Huesseni which just… Yeah. It’s the reason I stopped reading. And not because it was heartbreakingly beautiful and whatnot. NO. But we’ll talk about that in the review. Which I can promise will happen! I promise!

But yeah. To the main point of this post! Which classic should I read before my test? The Catcher in the Rye? Or should I reread Dorian Gray?

That’s all for now, I suppose! Do look out for reviews throughout the next week if I can eradicate the meh’s. 


6 thoughts on “Bookish Rants (#2): Help Me Pick a Classic Because I’ve Gone Mad

  1. Have you read The Great Gatsby? I’ve read it recently and liked it, I think it’s also the sort of book that impresses english teachers. I wouldn’t know, really, being brazilian and all but still. I also really liked The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, which is an epic-adventure-dinosaurs thing if you’re into that, There are many others, but these two were the first ones to pop on my mind 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re in a book slump! I know a lot of people love The Catcher in the Rye but I think the main protagonist is quite moody/depressed (I haven’t read it myself) so that may not be the best one to pick up if you’re struggling, I could be wrong though! 🙂

    Are there any other options?

    • I once made my best friend get me the Catcher in the Rye but I couldn’t get past the first chapter. But I was in a really bad mood back then as well, and I attribute my dislike for it to that.

      I’m considering rereading the Picture of Dorian Gray but I’m not entirely sure. It does encompass many topics… Maybe something for Fitzgerald? I just can’t decide at all.

      • Would that be The Great Gatsby? I must admit I didn’t like Gatsby at first, I found it a snooze fest if I’m honest, but weirdly in hindsight it is a really clever little novel with some fantastic insight, so even if you don’t like it you can appreciate it. I also concur with Amanda, English teachers will love a reference from any of his work. 🙂

  3. I know that feeling! Also, choosing books to read next always send me into a panic. I’ve never read Dorian Gray but it’s on my classic reading list. Do Catcher in the Rye!

  4. I’m not sure if you’ve read any of these, but my suggestions would be The Great Gatsby, The Bell Jar, The Handmaid’s Tale, or On the Road to break out of your “meh” slump. Catcher in the Rye was pretty “meh” for me 😛

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