Book Review (#11): 84, Charing Cross Road (Mini-Review)



So I got this around early March from the Book Depository and was reading it around the end of March when I was away for spring break, finished it before I returned home, and should’ve had a review of it up about a week ago. But, the day right after my return a friend took it from me and she finished it in a day, then it was passed on to yet another one of my friends and she only gave it back today. AND GUESS WHAT? They both loved it! Now that I have it back though, I can look at all the pages I marked and write a review about it.

I will tell you a bit about the book in case some of you don’t know about it. This tiny book brings you the correspondence over several years between the author and an English man who works in a second hand bookstore on Charing Cross Road. And if you haven’t read this book, I know what you’re thinking! Why would you want to read a book about a woman ordering books through the mail? Yeah, I felt that way too after I bought it and when I was supposed to start reading it. I found myself wondering if I made the right decision ordering this book and if it’s going to be worth it.


It’s not about what the letters are about but the way they’re written. Something about Helene Hanff and her excitement about books, the way she gushes about them and how painful it is for her to have to wait for the books she’s ordered sometimes… It’s all so easy to relate to and made me feel as though I could reread this book forever and still like it every time. It definitely is a must read for every book lover, in my opinion anyway.

Does my telling you that both my friends gave it 5 stars of Goodreads and that a third one wants it already help encourage you to pick this book up? Because I believe it should! It’s also nonfiction that isn’t a tedious biography, so it’s a good way to start out in that direction!

I suppose I can’t say much about this without ruining it! There are things that you’ll only love if you discover yourself, and the content of this book is that kind of thing. I do hope that you guys will consider picking this book up and if you’ve read it to tell me in the comments what you’ve thought about it. One of my friends found it depressing –even though she loved it! I found it inspirational in a way.

How did you find it?


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