Bookish Things: Book Haul (#2)

I would like to start this post by saying I’m angry at everyone I follow. You all go about ranting about Gone with the Wind and recommending it and making it sound like something you can breeze your way through, but none of you bothered to mention that it’s a chunkster?! I don’t get it. Also, I’m only being melodramatic. I love you all. 

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before or not but I was travelling for spring break so I can move half of my college things. And when my sister called me from the bookstore back home asking me if I wanted any particular book, it was the Tuesday on which the ‘Top Ten Book I Recommend’ tag thing was due. And I’d seen Gone with the Wind on a couple of lists and it was already on my TBR, so I thought, “What the heck? Let’s just go for it!” And I had her get me the book. 

Then, upon my return, I was given this:



1,444 pages… You should’ve seen my face at that moment; I was staggered. I still choke a little every time I pass by the book because I just don’t know if I have the capability to go through a book as big as this one. I wanted to start reading it this month because I thought it was normal-sized but I think I’ll put it off till the summer. 

Also, when I was away, I came upon a book that was on my first Top Ten list: “Books I Resolve to Read in 2013”. I’ve looked for it several times in my local bookstore but it was never there. But here it is: a beautiful copy of a book I cannot wait to start!

ImageSo yeah… This is all for now. I’ll see you guys in a review post quite soon!


2 thoughts on “Bookish Things: Book Haul (#2)

  1. Stuff Jeff Reads says:

    LOVE Night Circus!! Great book. I have a blog post about it, but read it first so there are no spoilers for you 😉 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers!

    • Really? I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and no one I know personally has heard of it, but I’m really excited. The fact that you like it is quite reassuring! Also, the book itself is so pretty; I can’t help but gawk at it. I’ll definitely check out your post on it once I’m done with the book. 😀

      Thanks for coming by!

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