Book Review (#8): Thirteen Reasons Why (Mini-Review)



more of a 2.5 really

You know how you except most hyped up books to disappoint you? Well, I personally was certain that Thirteen Reasons Why will blow me away. So imagine my disappointment when I hardly enjoyed it at all…

Now, people usually have a lot to say about this book, but I honestly don’t. And this is why this is a mini-review.

This is a story about a girl, Hannah, who commits suicide. She records 13 tapes, each with a reason that led to her terrible end. And we trace the story backwards.

First of all, I absolutely despise the narration. Although most of the book is in the form of the tapes Hannah has recorded, the story is also told by one of the people mentioned on the tapes, Clay Jensen. Personally, I found his commentary on what was going on, most of the time, superfluous and enraging. I felt it disrupted the general flow of the tapes, which the pace and tone of I admired.

Another thing… all the time I was reading this book, I was in a really, really bad mood. I kept asking myself why the hell I was doing this to myself! Why go through with it at all if it’s just upsetting me?! But my best friend kept pushing me to go to the end, telling me that I’ll appreciate the book a bit better when I get there. So I did. I would also like to report that also another friend of mine has read this book and shares my sentiments regarding this book. That same brilliant friend also said, “I just find it hard to believe that all this would happen to one person all at once. Or maybe we just can’t relate?”

And though I didn’t relate, I do believe that this book opened my eyes a bit more when it comes to the small things that lead to disastrous others. It made me more aware of what I say to people about themselves.

But did I enjoy the story. A bit, sure. I mean, I did finish the book after all, right? But I don’t think there was anything too special about the content. Sure, the premise sounded interesting. But the execution? Definitely not.


One thought on “Book Review (#8): Thirteen Reasons Why (Mini-Review)

  1. I read this book in high school, I think, and I didn’t enjoy it much either. It just didn’t seem that plausible to me; this girl he barely knows sends him her suicide tapes and implies that he could have prevented it if only he’d been nicer to her? Something like that? Meh.

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