First Impressions (#1): Fahrenheit 451

I’m only 21 pages in, in all honestly, but the book already has me wanting to rave on and on about it. And so, it has inspired this little idea here. 

I think this book and I will get along incredibly well. Unlike most of the books I’ve read recently, Fahrenheit 451 seems to be written in such an aesthetic style which I find dazzling. Books like this one are the ones I believe could aid me form a solid personal style as a writer.  But that’s beside the point. I just feel as though Ray Bradbury’s style speaks to me and amuses me endlessly! I love how he describes things and I love the characters introduced so far! 

Clarisse is lovely and reminds me of Alaska from Looking for Alaska. She gives off the vibes of madness and I love how she embraces how she and her family are different from all others. 

I cannot wait to progress further into the book and see what a classic dystopia looks like! 


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