Book Challenge: The Mad Reviewer + December ‘Read’ List

Hey there, everyone! Have you noticed that 1. I now have a new challenge widget in my sidebar which signifies that 2. I learned how to properly use widgets on WordPress? No?  Here, look, proof!

mad reviewer

Anyway. A few days ago, I came upon a reading/reviewing challenge which I found rather interesting! It’s called the Mad Reviewer and it is held by the Mad Reviewer! Its aim is to get you to review every book you read! Unless you have super powers that allow you to read a bit over 104 books per year and extends time for you so you can selectively review some of them, of course. I’m hoping this challenge will help me comply to updating my blog regularly and with reading as regularly as well! If you’re interested in joining the challenge or you want more information about it, you’ll find that in the link provided above.




PS. The books are arranged in the order I’ve read them in.

Top row from left to right then bottom row from left to right.

I’ve read in December more books than I ever have in a month. I don’t even think I’ve read more than 8 books January through November…! I was in a terrible mood at the beginning of this month, and I’m still not sure where I stand regarding my emotions. Nonetheless, I do believe that reading has been a great place to escape to this month. December has been the slowest month for me since the start of the year, and I find myself wondering if this has anything to do with the numerous fictional lives I have thrust myself into this month. Also, several of these books have offered me insights regarding issues that do dampen my mood ever so often; some of them have altered my views on certain things. I found myself relating to various characters in these books and those moments, the ones during which I identified myself with one of a book’s characters, were ones of great delight. I still need to figure out why such moments make me so happy, but I love them anyway. And I fear that if I analyse them I’ll strip them of their joyous essence, so I’ll leave them be for now.

What books did you seal your year with? Are any of them on my list?


One thought on “Book Challenge: The Mad Reviewer + December ‘Read’ List

  1. Thanks for posting about the challenge and good luck! Prizes may be extended now that I have another blogger working with me, so if you hit your goal early, try for Mad Reviewer level for more entries in the draw.

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