Let’s start with introductions.

NaNoWriMo: the perfect opportunity for every masochist out there who wants to spend a month questioning their writing abilities. Said masochists also get to question the truth and the very essence of their nature by asking quite stupid questions such as ‘Why the hell am I doing this to myself?’ or ‘Am I really such an idiot?’

***WARNING! It’s also a month for an abundance of mental and verbal cursing, moodswings, and queer cravings.

And no, you don’t get to question my interpretation.

I’ve done CampNano in June and I wrote 50K of my novel (Harry Potter FF. Go ahead. Mock me.). Unfortunately, 50K was hardly enough for me to conclude the story or even reach its climax, which is why I decided to take on Nano this month. The thing is, I was supposed to be a Nano rebel. I was only going to write 4 chapters of my novel and work on two one-shots. Yet, I got lured into the full-fledged journey by the stupid badge/ribbon I’d get should I write 50K and there were such massive festivities in my writing community and all over Twitter in general which helped keep me going past my initial goals.

I was okay with this until 3 days ago when how behind I was became such a massive stress factor in my life. I didn’t only find a way out through procrastination and distracting myself with the most ridiculous of things such as Project Runway. It affected my eating habits, making me eat every time I felt stumped. I also drank an average of three cups of coffee a day, and each cup of coffee comes hand-in-hand with an Oreo. So I wasn’t just stressed about not finishing 50K but about GAINING 5 KGs by the end of the week as well. I slept a lot despite the caffeine dashing through my system and diffusing across my capillaries and whatnot. I liked the times I allowed myself a choice between food and sleep and I chose sleep.


It’s a cause worth sustaining.

I became a very fickle person, picked a fight with at least two family members per day, sealing this angsty series with a nice feud with my lovely mother. An hour after that, I decided that I wasn’t worried about the time limit. I had 8K to go and just today an tomorrow; to me, that’s achievable. The problem is that I was reaching a crucial part of my story and I hadn’t thoroughly planned it yet because I wasn’t supposed to be writing it until JUNE! I wanted to race my way over to the finish line, I wanted my ribbon, but what really was at stake was my story. Should I’ve sealed the fate of its climax today in the state I was in while I was writing, I would have semi-permanently decapitated my sole successful novel idea.

Therefore, I am proud to say that, for the general welfare of my story, I have abandoned the ribbon and all the glory that comes with reaching 50K. I am, surprisingly, thrilled with this decision.

In other news, I am founding an exciting NaNoWrimo club/group/committee at my school because exams came in the way this year. I and another Nano participant friend will mentor those who’d like to join the June or August Nano events. I’ve already set up a Facebook group for the students so that I’d be able to help around even when I leave for college next year, and my friend and I will have to choose other students who can pass on the flame. I’m certainly excited for that now that I have the academic supervisor’s permission and support. I really do hope this works out.

Good luck to all other Nano-ers who are making it to the finish line tomorrow and congratulations to those who have reached it! Also, congratulations go out to fellow rebels who have achieved the goals they’ve set for themselves!

Here’s for another marvellous month of challenges and amateur literacy!



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